Friday, 12 September 2014

The Gotham Justice cocktail

Take the Batman cocktail and do it the (alcoholic) justice it deserves. With a little hint to the Atomic Cat cocktail. That is the reason I'm calling it Gotham Justice. If it existed before me, please enlighten me in the comments.
  • Fill the Collins glass half-way with ice. 
  • Pour one part Cointreau over it. 
  • Add three parts orange juice (OJ).
  • A dash of blood orange juice is perfectly applicable. Grenadine is even more applicable, but just punch it over, like if Batman punched a villain and a little drop of blood spilled into the drink (evil grin goes here).
  • Fill up with tonic
  • You may float a maraschino cherry or two in it.
Gotham Justice - a free adaptation of Batman and Atomic Cat cocktails
with the righteous addition of the might of Cointreau.

Justice have been served.
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