Monday, 1 September 2014

Monday Morning shot

A single shot for the early, dreaded Monday ... and it must be involved with coffee. No. It must revolve entirely around coffee. Especially on Monday. Right?

Is it doable? Partially.
  • Get a shot glass.
  • Put 1/4 part (1/4 liquid ounce or around 7 ml) coffee liqueur in it.
  • Layer 1/4 part of triple sec on top.
  • Here comes the tricky part - (try to) layer one shot of espresso on top.

Some remarks:
  • Any triple sec would do, but Cointreau is the best option for me - makes a consistent layer, and except beauty adds very rich aroma and a little bite to the taste.
  • The coffee machines are usually calibrated to produce one and a half liquid ounce (around 45 ml). It might be used all, or it might be reduced to an ounce - a completely personal preference.
  • The last step didn't work out for me. And the coffee broke my perfectly fitted layers into a common delicious mix - yet delicious, but still a mix. I blame it to the coffee's higher temperature, but I might be wrong. I'm not sure if it's even possible to add coffee to an alcoholic shot as a distinct layer. May be I'll make another try with espresso tempered at the level of the liqueurs.
No pictures here available, because  I don't feel the visual disappointment have to be depicted. There is a pleasure of course, but it's entirely at the side of the tongue.

One last thing - it cools down pretty fast, so sipping it is not necessary. More over it seems to taste better taken as a shot, than taken sip by sip. And if you prefer to drink your coffee hot, just pour some drops of triple sec to the fresh espresso. In the case of Cointreau, you might want to stick your nose above the cup, and breathe it all.
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