Monday, 11 August 2014

The Green Pirate

Ever been on the road, but still tried to bring your mixology with you? Well your options might be limited, but still some pleasant surprises are possible. Especially, if you have a bottle of three years old Havana Club Rum handy. This rum is neither purely white rum, nor a golden one, but is closer to the former class.

I don't know if this cocktail exists somewhere else, but for the sake of the vacation spirit we were sipping, what I called it, the Green Pirate. Here's the mix:


1 part3 Annos Havana Club Rum (or any white one)
1 partMint liquor
2 partsPineapple juice

Tonic water

Ice cubes


  • Fill half the Collins glass with ice cubes. 
  • Add the rum, the mint liquor, and the juice. 
  • Fill up with the tonic water. 
  • You may garnish with lemon or pineapple slices. In my case I had lemon.

Quite enjoyable. :)
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