Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Weird controvercy on the tongue

Take a shot glass. 

Pour half part sambuca (I have Luxardo, I guess it's fine). Now you have a component with strong anise taste and a sweet bite as a whole.

Try to layer on top half part of Campari. For some reason (close densities maybe) they don't form a firm border and intermix kind of beautifully. Here you have a bitter punch.

The final taste is very confusing and the sweet and bitter don't really cancel out each other. The after-taste still haunts me, therefore I named it: Follia Italiana or Italian Madness. The only shooter that has puzzled me more so far was the Cement Mixer.


Friday, 12 September 2014

The Gotham Justice cocktail

Take the Batman cocktail and do it the (alcoholic) justice it deserves. With a little hint to the Atomic Cat cocktail. That is the reason I'm calling it Gotham Justice. If it existed before me, please enlighten me in the comments.
  • Fill the Collins glass half-way with ice. 
  • Pour one part Cointreau over it. 
  • Add three parts orange juice (OJ).
  • A dash of blood orange juice is perfectly applicable. Grenadine is even more applicable, but just punch it over, like if Batman punched a villain and a little drop of blood spilled into the drink (evil grin goes here).
  • Fill up with tonic
  • You may float a maraschino cherry or two in it.
Gotham Justice - a free adaptation of Batman and Atomic Cat cocktails
with the righteous addition of the might of Cointreau.

Justice have been served.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Monday Morning shot

A single shot for the early, dreaded Monday ... and it must be involved with coffee. No. It must revolve entirely around coffee. Especially on Monday. Right?

Is it doable? Partially.
  • Get a shot glass.
  • Put 1/4 part (1/4 liquid ounce or around 7 ml) coffee liqueur in it.
  • Layer 1/4 part of triple sec on top.
  • Here comes the tricky part - (try to) layer one shot of espresso on top.

Some remarks:
  • Any triple sec would do, but Cointreau is the best option for me - makes a consistent layer, and except beauty adds very rich aroma and a little bite to the taste.
  • The coffee machines are usually calibrated to produce one and a half liquid ounce (around 45 ml). It might be used all, or it might be reduced to an ounce - a completely personal preference.
  • The last step didn't work out for me. And the coffee broke my perfectly fitted layers into a common delicious mix - yet delicious, but still a mix. I blame it to the coffee's higher temperature, but I might be wrong. I'm not sure if it's even possible to add coffee to an alcoholic shot as a distinct layer. May be I'll make another try with espresso tempered at the level of the liqueurs.
No pictures here available, because  I don't feel the visual disappointment have to be depicted. There is a pleasure of course, but it's entirely at the side of the tongue.

One last thing - it cools down pretty fast, so sipping it is not necessary. More over it seems to taste better taken as a shot, than taken sip by sip. And if you prefer to drink your coffee hot, just pour some drops of triple sec to the fresh espresso. In the case of Cointreau, you might want to stick your nose above the cup, and breathe it all.

Monday, 11 August 2014

The Green Pirate

Ever been on the road, but still tried to bring your mixology with you? Well your options might be limited, but still some pleasant surprises are possible. Especially, if you have a bottle of three years old Havana Club Rum handy. This rum is neither purely white rum, nor a golden one, but is closer to the former class.

I don't know if this cocktail exists somewhere else, but for the sake of the vacation spirit we were sipping, what I called it, the Green Pirate. Here's the mix:


1 part3 Annos Havana Club Rum (or any white one)
1 partMint liquor
2 partsPineapple juice

Tonic water

Ice cubes


  • Fill half the Collins glass with ice cubes. 
  • Add the rum, the mint liquor, and the juice. 
  • Fill up with the tonic water. 
  • You may garnish with lemon or pineapple slices. In my case I had lemon.

Quite enjoyable. :)

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Useful video course for JBoss 7

When it comes to web and enterprise development with Java, mastering at least one of the widely popular application servers is a key. And the more you know of its tweaks, and bells, and whistles, the bigger your professional value is. On the path of becoming an expert of JBoss the PACKT Publishing's video course JBoss EAP Configuration, Deployment, and Administration might come as handy as a very powerful set of cheat-sheets. Glancing at the course's contents is enough to gain an impression on the breadth of the conceptual coverage. That is eight sections of videos ranging from running and configuring the different operation modes of the server (or a cluster of servers), through loading and troubleshooting applications, to optimizing performance and logging behavior.

The target audience of this course is the advancing professional. The beginners would also gain insight on many important points, still they might need to re-watch some sections several times while practicing with their applications. The pace is quite fast, so it needs a seasoned developer to follow the shown steps without the need to pause and rewind for repetition.

Although the contents seem a bit scattered at times, I think the direction of the course is quite clear. The lack of obvious structural cohesion (like with books) is not necessarily a disadvantage. The course feels like filing important gaps, which had emerged in time throughout the work of many developers. That makes for a very useful point of reference when tings become unclear.

The visual design is pretty and very appealing. The navigation is dead simple and fast. One thing that can definitely be improved is the sound quality. Its editing too. There are some jumps in the volume level that might feel a bit unpleasant. Also some smudging of the authors voice at some places could make it harder to follow. But in perspective, compared to the value of the knowledge the course brings, this disadvantage is quite minimal.

As a whole this is one of the most useful sets of hands-on information on JBoss that I've came across.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

One interesting hunt for IT books

This post comes a bit late but, but be sure to check this lovely campaign from PACKT Publishing.

There are very up to date books about the current technologies. I personally have reviewed 7-8 of their books and I can say that I have some insight. Need an IT book? Go grab 2 ;)