Sunday, 23 June 2013

Access Cinnamon Weather Applet Conafiguartion

Now this is a quick and dirty "fix" for a very annoying bug. It concerns those who live with  The Cinnamon edition of Linux Mint. In the last current version (15, code-named Olivia), when installing the Weather applet on the task-bar, the chance you live in Insbruk is generally small. For those of us who doesn't in order to get or correct local weather readings we need to make some configurations. The trouble is that when trying to activate the configuration window, I'm always getting the error
Execution of 'cinnamon-weather-settings' failed: ...
I tried to google for what it means, but the forum-posts I found were vaguely related and offered too little help for my understanding.
Then one day I just had enough of this and tried to solve thing the only certain and old-fashioned I knew all along.
It involves two steps:
  1. In the terminal you're changing to the hidden directory: /home/user/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/weather@mockturtl 
  2. In that directory there is a Python script called cinnamon-weather-settings, that you're supposed to execute:
$ pyton cinnamon-weather-settings

In the configuration window you have to inter your local code (WOEID), which is not a problem, because the label itself is a link that leads you to a page, where searching for your code of interest should be easy. I guess that's it :)
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