Thursday, 9 April 2009


See what happens when too many people twit at the same time:

Very beautiful way of saying "We're sorry that our service sucks right now, but stay tuned!".
Well It could happen virtually to everyone, so thumbs up Twitter.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Portable Development - XAMPP Control Panel Issue

If anyone has used the PortableApps' tools and particularly the portable web development suite XAMPP from ApacheFriends, may have encountered the following issue.

On the PortableApps site there is a handy tool called "XAMPP Control Panel". It is really good except for one thing. Lets say you just installed the suite on your flash drive. You start the control panel from the PA menu and it initializes just fine. You do your work and go elsewhere. Then on another PC you start again the XAMPP Control Panel from your removable drive and you get this warning:
Current Directory: X:\xampp
Install Directory:
*** WARNING: Directory mismatch ***

or may be as reported here.

There are two things to be said:
  • First - as John T. Haller stated the problem should be solved in the 1.2 version of the XAMPP Launcher. Well I use the 1.3 version and I still experience this issue. While googling the web I stumbled upon this (see the post of Draven from 22. September 2007) funny but extremely easy solution. I say it's funny because it leads to the
  • Second thing to be noted - the XAMPP Control Panel is not a portable tool at all since it relies on hte Windows registry for storing its configuration data. This conclusion is made also in the PortableApps forum (the upper link).
For PCs you're in control this might be the right decision but in the rest of the cases you just might have to work without the XAMPP Control Panel.